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03 February, 2012

एक और समाचार बिहार से--

Eleven Maoist leaders were today acquitted by a Bihar court which took into consideration the decision to withdraw cases against them to help bolster bilateral ties between India and Nepal.
Additional District Judge(IX) Bashishtha Narain Singh ordered the acquittal of the Nepal Maoist leaders after holding a hearing on the state government's petition to withdraw the cases against them.
Bihar government had on February 1 moved the court seeking to withdraw cases lodged against them apparently following a request from the Union Home Ministry.
ग्यारह जन आजाद अब, ओढ़ी सांसद खाल ।
आठ साल से जेल में, रख भारत 'ने-पाल'

रख भारत ने-पाल, बड़े ये माओवादी
काट रहे हर डाल, वनों में आग लगा दी ।

खून-खराबा कर, करत अपनी पौ बारह ।
कैदी सांसद बन, होत हैं नौ दो ग्यारह ।।

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